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Blossom Tree Capital

Blossom Tree Capital is a boutique London Based Real Estate Investment and asset management business serving a small number of important clients with unique opportunities. We provide specialist asset management and managed account services, strategic advice and tailored investment strategies which in turn offer very high returns to our clients.

Our interests are always in line with our valued clients.

With a genuine love for what we do we operate with market leading energy and passion. We constantly review our customer’s investment exposure and communicate real estate market trends and advice to ensure clients are always up to date with the very latest information.

Off Market Deals

Whether a Commercial or Residential opportunity, to truly be something special the offering needs to be exclusive. Exclusivity only comes through trust and faith in deliverability. The team at Blossom Tree Capital prides itself on the key relationships and trust that have been built throughout Europe over many years. These relationships range from Agents, International Developers, Financial Institutions through to Family Offices, Solicitors and Private Investors and bring a wide range of circumstances that present the best deals and deal flow to us.

Being a smaller boutique Property Investment and Asset Management company, we are able to work very closely with the right people to deliver the best opportunities for our much valued small group of clients. Through these relationship and based upon past performance we truly are able to offer genuine off market deals. We firmly believe in quality over quantity, we do not seek investments just for the sake of doing deals. If the investment opportunity does not match our own beliefs or the strict criteria of our clients then we simply will not present it. Whilst we passionately believe in and enjoy what we do, our clients trust and best interests are paramount to the core of our company. Our interests are always aligned with our valued clients. Once an asset is purchased this is only the beginning of our journey. Whether it is a mixed use building, offices or only residential, we constantly strive to and look at how we can add, create and unlock value within the Properties. This is led by our experience across development, market trends, the planning process to name but a few very important aspects, however our relationships and networks play a huge part in finding the best tenant profiles and values.

Commercial and Retail Investment Opportunities with Europe’s Leading Brands

The team at Blossom Tree Capital have worked very closely with some of the leading retail brands in Europe and we pride ourselves on understanding their needs in securing the best locations for their growing businesses and giving our investors the best investment opportunities.

We put our knowledge and contacts to maximum use and we handle the entire process from sourcing, negotiating, buying and holding long term the property investments in this highly regarded and sort after sector.

In addition we combine our commercial / retail skills with our residential expertise to deliver mixed use investments where the opportunity requires it to give the retail or office outlet the space and location they desire, whilst adding as much value as possible for our valued investor client through the development of the residential aspect of the property.

Residential Non Completions

When it comes to Residential Investment Opportunity the sweet spot is in low to mid-priced “new stock” in small developments. This is of course a fiercely competitive part of the market because both owner occupiers and overseas investors snap up most to all opportunities that become available. However having the right relationships and understanding of this complex market at times presents incredible opportunities. Many smaller private investors, including those from overseas regularly exchange contracts many months and even years in advance of a development being completed. This is famously known as “Off Plan”. Buying Off Plan makes it impossible for investors to secure funding that far in advance. In many situations, completion dates come sooner than expected or at very short notice, sometimes both. Some small investors simply take those risks as well as changes in their own circumstances or market conditions. These changes lead to the person with the assigned contract not wanting to complete or not being able to complete and often they need to reassign that contract quickly and reliably. In addition to smaller investors getting things wrong, many developers have changes in their circumstances too. An off market deal can also fall through for them at the last moment, new opportunities arises where they want to quickly exit their last development, or a small number of unit deals can’t complete which leaves them with cash flow issues. All matters which developers wish to keep confidential. In addition there are matters which get caught up in probate, family trusts sales, PLC’s all wishing to do quick, off market deals, which in turn means opportunity.

We specialist in these niche, high return investments and through our network and reputation for being able to deliver upon these types of deals we are the go to firm when these situations arise. Because of our experience and research we are able to quickly understand the value / opportunity and once we have concluded the negotiation to ensure the ROI matches our goals then we would offer these Investments to our clients who hold residential within their portfolio.

Structuring of the Corperate entity, Debt Finance and Tax planning play as much a part of a sound investment as the Property itself.

At Blossom Tree Capital we use our experience, knowledge and network of London’s best professionals to make sure we stay at the front and up to date on the best ways to achieve these goals for our clients. We work with our own independent specialist advisors as well as our clients preferred professional to give a balanced and fresh approach. Having an enviable network of International Banks who are focused on financing European Property deals and at times wanting to co-invest, we are able to surprise even our most well connected of clients with exceptional debt financing offerings. With particular expertise within the UK, as an example whilst the private residential landlord is being squeezed out by the UK, the larger professional investor / landlord is being encouraged and there are many tax breaks and incentives which are approved by the UK authorities yet not well known in the investment world. When this knowledge is combined with our sourcing of off market deals these present high ROI opportunities in the illustrious world of London Residential Property Investment.

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